Thursday, December 29, 2011

In Honor of Brave Moms

Over the last several days I have been thinking a lot about two different moms in my life. Both of them have encouraged me to be strong for my children and to trust God with our lives.

One of them just said goodbye to her eleven year old son who lost a brave battle with cancer. Many people wonder how a mom can live with losing a child. Having to watch your child suffer and then lose the fight is just unimaginable for most of us. I am sure that this mom has had many moments of strength through her journey. However, I can also assume that she has had just as many moments of brokenness. Where does she find her strength and her courage?

There is another mom in my life that has shared her journey of adoption with me. She and her husband have been on a long road of fighting to bring a daughter home from Ethiopia. They were matched with a precious baby girl that they named Hope. Since that time they have been through many ups and downs. Including the possibility of not being able to adopt her after they had traveled to Ethiopia thinking that they would be bringing her home soon. How do you live each day desperate to hold your baby in your arms?

Over the last several weeks I have been struggling with the answers to these questions. How does a mom say goodbye to her child? How do you live each day without the child that is meant to be in your family? How do we make sense out of bad things that happen?

As difficult as it may seem, we are not meant to understand. We are only meant to trust God, have faith in His plan and constantly seek answers in His word (the Bible).

This doesn't take away the heartache that comes from being human. It just makes life bearable and gives us the joy that only God can give.

I have seen this strength, this faith and this ability to trust God in both of hear moms. They are going through much different circumstances, however, they have both had God by there side throughout their journeys. I pray that God would help me to have their grace and strength during the difficult times in my life.

In Honor of Rhonda Sharp and Mary Shaul.

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