Friday, November 25, 2011

Just to See His Smile

There is so much that I feel like I need to go back to. So many things that have happened in the past that complete our story. However, I am getting so bogged down feeling like I need to fill in every detail. Someday, I will go back in time. But, for now, I need to continue on our journey.

Right now, I am sitting on the train in Chicago. We have a six hour layover on our way to Haiti. (Yes, we are headed to Haiti!!! Mike, our dear friend Steve and myself.

After allegations of severe abuse and neglect the Son of God orphanage was closed down in mid October (this story will be its own blog someday). Several of the children went missing between the removal from Son of God and their placement at a new orphanage. We learned that the Son of God directors had been tipped off to the closing of the orphanage so they had time to flee with over 30 children.

I will never forget the night that we found out Makendy was one of the missing children. The thought that we might never see him again was so overwhelming. I remember curling up in a ball and crying out to God. "Why our little boy! Why these children!" I prayed that wherever he was, it was better than what he had just come from. I knew that even though we did not know where he was....God knew. However, I still wept for the little boy that I, so badly, wanted to hold in my arms and protect from the evil in this world.

A few weeks went by and I was amazed at the number of people who told me that they were praying for Makendy and all of the children from the Son of God orphanage. One afternoon Mike received a call from our friend Matt. Matt has been in Haiti for weeks now, relentlessly fighting for the missing children. He told Mike that he had located Makendy. Makendy had NOT been one of the children that was kidnapped. He had actually spent a few days in the hospital because he was sick when they removed him from the orphanage. Matt said that he was doing much better, had gained a little weight and was even going to school. What a huge answer to prayer!

So, here we are now, on our way to Haiti to connect with the new orphanage and see our precious Makendy's face. We have been told that the new orphanage is not fond of Americans so our time with Makendy will be very limited. However, just to see his smile will be enough for me!

These last few weeks have been a huge test of faith. I know that this journey is FAR from over. I know that we still have huge obstacles to overcome. I will still have moments that I just DO NOT understand. I will have times that I want to scream out to God in anger, disappointment, fear and exhaustion. The one thing that I can lean on is the fact that God is with me on this journey. His heart aches for Makendy, just as mine does.

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